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Save Our Homes Walk

Join us for the 13th annual Save Our Homes Walk, on Sunday, May 22, 2016.

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As organizers, service providers, and neighbors we know timely, direct assistance to individuals and
families can be the most cost-effective way to prevent and end homelessness. We also know that funding for this valuable solution is scarce. Last year the Save Our Homes Walk helped dozens of Somerville households with your help. Grants were used for security deposits, back rent, utility bills, and moving costs associated with stabilizing housing. These grants kept families in their homes, adults at their jobs, and kids in school. These grants helped preserve the affordability and diversity of our Somerville community.

100% of the money raised by the Save our Homes Walk goes directly into a fund that provides emergency grants throughout the year. Funds are used to help individuals and families who have fallen behind on rent because of unemployment, domestic violence, or disability and who would face eviction without immediate financial assistance. Help is also available for moving costs or housing-related expenses such as utility arrearages, security deposits, or first and last month’s rent. In 2015, dozens of Somerville residents and families received assistance

Why We Walk

Somerville is fortunate to have both homelessness prevention and affordable housing services in the city. One significant gap, however, remains access to quickly available emergency small cash grants to help prevent homelessness.

Save Our Homes: People’s Testimonies

“I never thought I would end up a homeless veteran. By society’s standards, I did all the right things; joined the Army as a field medic, graduated college with a BA in Child Psychology and wrote and published my first book, “The Pet Mouse”.

But time and circumstance can change anyone’s life. Two years ago, due to a serious medical condition, my life began to unravel. In almost the blink of an eye, I lost everything.

Thankfully, there were community resources I could turn too such as The Somerville Community Corporation but more than helping monetarily, it was the staff that really helped me by treating me like a valuable member of society again. They care about people, about me.”
~ Crystal Dawn

Ellen M. was paralyzed due to a stroke and living in elderly/disabled public housing. When Ellen was found ineligible for Medicaid, she had to pay $40 per day, out of pocket, to her personal care attendants. As a result, she was unable to pay her rent and was threatened with eviction. The Save our Homes Walk funds were used to assist her in paying her back rent until she got approved for Medicaid, which would then pay her personal care attendants. She is now financially stable and no longer facing eviction.

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